Well hello there!

Are you looking to build a website? Maybe you need help with your current website? How about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Help publishing a Kindle Ebook? Need your Ebook reviewed? Maybe you just need help with your Kindle book covers.

This website is where you can get help with all the above.

On the right will be some link to posts on websites, website optimization, etc. as well as tips on publishing eBooks, including making the covers.

Be sure to contact me if you would like a website built for you, your existing website optimized for better search results, assistance setting up and creating a newsletter, or images optimized or edited. I can also do one on one training to help you if needed. If you need help with something else just ask.

Maybe you are looking for help writing and publishing your eBook, no problem, let me know what you need. I can help you get the formatting right, proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes, verify the file passes validation checks, edit images, and create the covers.

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Maybe you need help writing and publishing your eBook. Then check out  my free report What I have Learned Writing and Publishing Kindle Books. It is applicable to all eBooks, not just Kindle.

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