10 Quick Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic

Increase website traffic

If you have a website you need traffic. This is even more important if you are selling a product or service. Here are 10 quick tips about website traffic that may help.

  1. Having a website does not guarantee you will get traffic. There are billions of websites and millions being added each day. Yours must stand out to be noticed.
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should be an important part of your website. Optimizing your website using SEO will help increase your websites importance and help show it’s relevance to what is being searched for.
  3. Optimizing your pictures is vital for SEO and traffic. Images should load quickly and have names that specify what the image is about. Google image searches use the filenames to determine if the picture or image is relevant to what is being searched for.
  4. Video should be part of your efforts to gain traffic. Videos uploaded to sites such as YouTube can be imbedded onto your website. Videos keep your visitors engaged and on your website longer.
  5. Your website must have content. Content is articles, pictures, videos, etc that visitors are looking for. A 5 page website that never changes is less likely to show up when someone is doing a search, a website that is having content added frequently is more likely.
  6. When creating content for your website, think about what your visitors want. Tailor your content to your visitors, not search engines.
  7. When using images, a watermark is a great way to ensure that if your image is used on other websites, you may get traffic from them. Be sure the watermark doesn’t detract from the picture, yet can’t be easily cropped out either.
  8. Downloadable reports are a great way to engage your visitors. Remember to place your website address in the report in case it gets passed around.
  9. Give away free reports that contain information that can not be found elsewhere. Create one that is smaller and contains great info and another larger with much more information. Both should contain links to your website. Give the smaller one away freely, even allowing others to give it away on their websites. Within the small one, let readers know a much larger, more informative one can be found at your website.
  10. Create a signature for your email that contains a link to your website. If allowed, have a link in your signatures at any forums you participate in.

Getting traffic to your website is crucial to its success. These 10 tips will surely help you get on the right track to increasing your websites visibility.

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