eBook formatting tips

As you may already know, formatting your eBook isn’t as simple as it should be. I have spent hours and hours getting my books right and spent a small fortune along the way. The sad thing is, even after finding THE BEST guide on formatting eBooks around, I still had problems.

Even after following the formatting guide, and even downloading an awesome template for Word, I still had errors in my converted eBook files which made viewing them a real pain. How did I expect my readers to enjoy (and buy more) of my books and recommend them to friends if they couldn’t even read it?

This report has some tips, hints, and pitfalls (and suggestions on how to avoid or fix them) I discovered along the way.

For only $5 you can avoid using a very common tool in Word that corrupted my file and took me literally 5 hours to fix. You can also learn how to convert your book using a free program into an ePub and have it validated before you submit your book to any retailer to sell. validating your eBook file prior to submission may save you from selling a poorly formatted book and losing a reader who may never want to look at another eBook of yours again.

Remember, getting an avid fan is much harder than keeping one. Don’t lose them because of a poorly formatted eBook!

Grab your copy of eBook formatting tips right now for only $5

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