Where to find free images for your eBook-3 resources

This is not a free images
‘Lion King’ Iris
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Let’s face it; pictures for your eBook can be extremely hard to find. You may have an idea of the picture you want but are not physically able to get it. Who has the resources to travel to an exotic place just for a picture right? Not me!

Don’t be tempted to do a Google image search and grab a picture either; most if not all will be copyrighted and using them is actually stealing and will get you in a whole load of trouble. So what do we do?

You can purchase the rights to use pictures on websites such as istockphoto, shutterstock, and others. But what if you don’t have the money for these pictures? There are alternatives where you can find free images.

Here are 3 websites where free images can be found, almost all with no restrictions on their use.

Public Domain Pictures

Public Photo

Public Domain Photos

Before using any pictures, be absolutely sure there are no restrictions. Although a picture may be free to use there may be a requirement to have credit the original creator, no real problem but omitting the credit results in the image being used illegally.