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You can easily create a cover for your eBook just like this

Creating the cover for your Kindle book is a very important step in the publishing process. A bad looking cover will surely lose sales. These templates have been created to help you make the cover creation process much smoother. You may have already been struggling to make yours.

Use these templates to create your own covers for your Kindle books easily. These templates make it extremely easy to create covers for your Kindle book; choose a template, change the text to suit your needs, and save it! Very easy to do. You also have the choice to change colors, change images, even move things around to make your own unique cover. Be sure to scroll down to see more examples.

Requires GIMP to use, a 100% free image manipulation program comparable to Photoshop (Photoshop versions coming REAL soon!).

Kindle cover template layers
To make a change, choose a layer and modify it as you wish.

33 Kindle Cover templates to choose from. Literally hundreds of variations are possible! Make your kindle cover in minutes!

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Download will be in the form of a ZIP file. Free software such as WinZip is needed to unzip and use.

PLEASE NOTE:   After payment you must click the link to return to this website to get immediate access. If you do not click the link, look in your mailbox for your access details.

I highly recommend the following if you are new to GIMP:

ebook covers
New to GIMP? Learn how to use it and modify these templates. CLICK the picture to learn more.

These are the eBook templates available in the downloadable ZIP file. Use these templates to create your own covers for your eBooks. Literally hundreds if not thousands of different covers can be made from these templates.

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These covers are specifically designed for Kindle (1563 x 2500) but can be used for other platforms easily.

Only $12

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