Price list

Websites I Build, host, and administer:
I charge $600 a year flat fee if the website is built, hosted, and maintained by me. This includes a domain name and hosting on my hosting servers. Updates to the website are done by me, including adding pages, pictures, etc if needed. This does not include a storefront. Storefront administration is an additional cost due to the intensive labor requirements. Administration of a storefront is an additional $50 an hour. Additional costs to administer the storefront may also be required depending on your needs.

In the event you ever decide to move your own website to your own hosting account I charge $600 to transfer the domain name and migrate your website to your hosting account. After migration, the website is maintained by you. Hosting, domain name registration, newsletter provider accounts, additional paid additions, etc, will all be your responsibility.

Websites I build only:
A website created by me but using hosting and a domain name you have purchased using Bluehost (my preferred hosting company) will cost $300. Hosting on servers other than that provided in the link will cost an additional $100. This covers the setup of a 5 page website which includes the following: Home page, Contact page that will forward the message to an email address of yours, and 3 others of your choosing. Additional pages are $30 each. Newsletters and storefronts are extra, see below. 1 hour of training is included to help get you on the right track.

Additional Training:
Training is also offered at $50 per hour to get you familiar with how to correctly operate your website. This includes but is not limited to: How to make pages and add them to the website, How to upload pictures to use in your pages, how to create links to other websites or other pages within your own, how to update the software when  new version is released, How to change the look of the website, how to install plugins that greatly enhance the way your website looks, feels, and operates and more.

PLEASE NOTE: any other addons such as a store are not included in the above price.
Installation and setup of a storefront is an additional $200 (up to 15 items. $20 for each item after 15). Special addons may have to be purchased depending on your needs at an additional cost to you. That cost will need to be determined depending on your specific needs.

Newsletters and signup forms can also be integrated at an additional cost. Depending on your needs, a newsletter provider account may need to be purchased by you. I prefer Mailchimp.

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