Write and publish an eBook in 8 hours or less

Write and publish an eBoook in 8 hours or less
Write and publish an eBoook in 8 hours or less

Are you procrastinating about writing or publishing your eBook? You are not alone. Finding time to write, figuring out how to format, creating the covers, and going through the publishing process itself is daunting. But it doesn’t have to be…

I sat down the other day and decided to write an eBook about writing an eBook. More specifically, can an eBook be written, the cover created, and the book published in a single 8 hour day? To help prove my point that it can be done I decided to not prepare anything in advance other than use a template for the book and cover. I had the idea for the book but really had no idea what I was going to write.

The results were a bit surprising and I made a big error in estimating the length of time it would take me; I was able to do it in 4 hours. Of course, it isn’t a book the length of War and Peace but it is a good example of the reality that it does not have to take weeks, months or even years to write publish your eBook. The book is a full 23 pages and just about 4000 words. Of course, if you are writing a full length novel it will take a bit longer than 8 hours, but the point of the book is that writing and publishing your own digital books is much easier than you may think.

YOU can write and publish an eBook in 8 hours or less. Only $2

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