Is it possible to write and publish an eBook fairly quickly?

Good question.

I don’t write fiction, I stick to things I know; building and fixing things, how to’s, etc. so when I say an eBook can be written and published fairly quickly I am talking about my personal experience with those types of books. These types of books tend to not have 1000’s of pages. A work of fiction may take much longer than a non-fiction but unless it is a thousand pages or more, I believe can be done fairly quickly if it is worked on consistently and without distractions.

The books I have written range from a simple 8 page book (Word pages, not eBook pages) on Dividing Ornamental Grass to my 110 page book about Misting Systems. No great literary works by any means, but they deliver exactly what is needed without any fluff to make them look larger and more information packed than they are. The smaller one took just a few short hours, the longer about 20 because of the multiple topics (over 50), pictures (over 100), and links (over 30). Of course, special pages, videos, graphics, etc were also created for the larger one so the whole process took longer.

One thing I see with folks who want to write and publish their own eBook is hesitation. They hesitate because they think it is too hard, they don’t know where to begin, they don’t know how to format. they can’t make the cover, and on and on. They paralyze themselves with doubt, often times not even writing a single word! That is too bad; the process may be a bit confusing when just starting out but it can be broken down into steps to make things go easier.

Step 1-Write an outline for the book

Step 2-Write the book, filling in the blanks of the outline

Step 3-Go back and edit the book, correcting grammar and spelling errors, adding pictures, etc.

Step 4-Find someone to review the book before you release it to the public

Step 5-Purchase or create a cover for your book

Step 6-Publish the book

The list was intentionally made short and basic. Marketing and promoting your book are also needed to get the word out but those two steps alone should be broken down into manageable steps so you don’t get overwhelmed. I mean really, this article is to get you fired up and get you moving forward, why would I want to get you fired up and then toss a big wall in front of you right?

A short while back I decided to write an eBook about writing an eBook. I gave myself 8 hours to do it in. the whole point of the book was to show that writing an eBook can be done in a short amount of time. You can check it out right here:

Purchase a copy- Write and publish an eBook in 8 hours or less (help support my starving family 😎 )

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In the book I give tips and resources on formatting, where to download a template so your book is formatted correctly, and much more!