Calling all humans- I need your help! What is normal?

What is normal?

I am in the process of writing a short book about what normal is. Not the definition of normal; what is considered normal to people and families. I got the idea after contemplating writing a book about what my family went through as I was growing up. We were the poorest family in town and just to survive we had to do things others would consider not normal; like drying our hair over the heat registers because we could not afford a hair dryer or blocking off the kitchen with blankets hung in the doors and using the oven to heat just the kitchen because we could not afford to buy heating oil. Unfortunately, getting my family to sit down and give me their stories about growing up is proving difficult…

Recently I was reading several posts on Facebook from a relative. She is having a real tough time and is very depressed. She is a single parent of two girls because her husband just left her. She thinks she is not normal and it bothers her immensely. I want her to know (and others as well!) that there is no such thing as “normal” when it comes to the human population; normal is very subjective. Everyone is normal, it is just that some are not typical of what people expect. You know what I mean; mass murderers are not normal, but someone who talks to their pets actually is.

Families (and people) are all different. Something one family (or person) does, such as allow their children to stay up until midnight on school nights, is not normal for another. Another family may allow their children to swim immediately after eating, whereas another parent will make their children wait a full 1/2 hour to the second before being allowed to enter the water so they won’t get cramps and drown (I had THAT parent). All are normal.

So, I have adapted my original idea and I am looking for stories about what was “normal” in your family that may not have been “normal” in others.

Use the form below (or leave a comment) and let me know what was normal in your family that you know was not normal in others. I will use only your first nameĀ  (no name if you choose…I can give you a pseudonym) and town/state you grew up in. If you do not want me to use your real name, please let me know. Town and state are optional but very helpful to have.

Please, only real honest stories. Do not simply make up a story to be included.

Thank you so much for contributing! I plan on giving contributors a free copy of the book (digital version only), so give me YOUR normal!

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I give Dwayne Haskell permission to use my story in digital or print formats. I understand the only compensation I will receive will be in the form of a free digital copy of the book when it is completed.