publish your eBook

Are you terrified to publish your eBook?

If you are new to writing and publishing eBooks you may be terribly confused. There are a ton of questions to answer before you publish your eBook;

  1. Is your book formatted properly?
  2. Do you publish strictly on Amazon or do you publish on multiple platforms?
  3. Should you sign up for Amazon KDP Select?
  4. Can you make your own cover or do you need to spend hundreds of dollars having one made?
  5. And many more!

One problem often faced by new authors is the inability to move beyond the question/learning stage. Many times the desire to learn all there is about properly formatting and publishing your book results in nothing actually getting done. I nearly fell into the trap myself before publishing my first book; How To Build a Nearing Frame

I designed, built, measured, took pictures, assembled,  and wrote the basic steps and instructions for building the Nearing Frame. I did a ton of research on how to format for the Kindle and purchased a Kindle fire to verify everything looked ok. Next, I researched how to make the book cover, which included purchasing multiple training programs and templates. I  then spent hours compiling, formatting, editing the text and images, creating the cover etc. before it was ready. I then sat back and worried that I missed something.

I spent hours going over everything; formatting, pictures, the text, the cover, etc. I was terrified that I would publish the book and then find out I had totally screwed something up. Finally, I just decided to go ahead and publish the book. Guess what? It was fine! Yes, I did have to go back and tweak a few things, but the whole point is that it is easy to make corrections with your eBook. If you are selling a hard copy of your book, those mistakes are hard to fix, an eBook is easy; make the correction in your master document and re-upload.

I ended up going back a year later and reformatting the entire book. I learned that some of the formatting was wrong even after having done all kinds of research!

Don’t get caught up over analyzing and worrying if everything is perfect. Get it as good as you can, even having others critique it for you, and go ahead and publish it. you can always go back an tweak it later.

Just get it done, you’ll be glad you did. Comments?