Website hosting and creation pricing

Website prices are determined on the size of project and the time involved in creating your project.

Websites that are hosted and maintained by you, the client, may cost less than ones I build and host myself. Website creation starts at $600.

I offer staff training for “back-end” website operations, allowing you to maintain your own website after it has been created by me, giving you the freedom of operating your own website! After you or your staff has been trained, the website monitoring fees and monthly maintenance fees go away! After all..You own your website! But don’t worry, I remain here on an hourly rate if you need me! Hourly rate is $50 for training.

Website hosting by me is on my own servers (includes 1  free domain name!). Websites I host and maintain are a bit more expensive due to the ongoing maintenance and monitoring with weekly or monthly updating. This includes continuously monitoring your website’s keywords specific to your business, attention to keyword density, image optimization, and more to ensure your website is optimized for search engines. Yearly pricing starts at $600 but depend on the complexity of the original build. This option is by far your best bet if you don’t want the hassle of administering the website.

During the interview process I will go over our fees & pricing structure, and I will determine if we can help you with your personal, business, or non-profit needs. I will work with you to determine just what you need to gain proper internet exposure for your growing business or non-profit organization. I work tirelessly to ensure your website is optimized for search engines and use special software designed to help ensure your website is following SEO standards.

I have in-house reduced pricing for Non-Profit groups, which allow us to be more flexible to your club or organization.

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