How important is it to keep your website up to date?

Good question; how important IS it to keep your website up to date? It should be very important to you for 6 reasons.

1. It forces you to take a look at your website to be sure it is actually online and working correctly

A website that does not work is much worse than not having a website at all. How many repeat visitors do you think you will get if they cannot access the site the first time? What is the cost in lost revenue?

2. It keeps you conscious of what your visitors see

By keeping your website updated, you see what your visitors see. You may notice that the colors need to be adjusted, the font is too small, the graphic you added a few years ago no longer represents what your website is about, etc..

3. It allows you to stay connected to your visitors

By updating your website, your visitors see that you are making a real effort to give them new, fresh information. This is sending the message that you truly care about them. They will be more likely to return when they know you care for them.

4. You may have a sudden inspiration to add a page or two to make the website even better for your visitors

You may have been thinking about a better way to keep in touch with your customers but “couldn’t find the time” to actually do something about it. Website platforms such as WordPress can now be connected to social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more to extend your exposure.

5. It allows you to provide accurate information about your website.

Nothing is worse than searching for information, selecting a website to visit, and the information hasn’t been updated in years. This sends a negative message to your visitors that you cannot be bothered to fix it. If yours is a business website, your visitors will trust the information on your page before others.

6. If your website hasn’t been updated for quite some time, it may be vulnerable to security breaches

As we all know, times change.; nowhere is that more evident than computers and software. Updating your website is extremely important to reassure your visitors that it is safe. A visitor that does not feel your website is secure will not likely visit again. If your website collects any personal information, up to date security is extremely important to keep their information safe and you from being liable for not protecting it.

Updating your website may simply involve adding a new telephone number or business hours. It may be more involved like adding pages, pictures or videos. Even more involved is adding newsletters, membership areas, etc., but they all show your visitors that you are making an active effort to help them find the information they were searching for. If you are in the business of selling something, those visitors may become customers if they feel you care enough to give them the most up to date information you can.

Also remember, you have just one shot at keeping a visitor on your website and keep them feeling safe enough to browse around for awhile. Updating your website and keeping it current is sure to help keep your visitors feeling satisfied enough to return.

Remember, updating a website can be something you hire someone else to do if you truly do not have the time. Changes, additions, safety updates, and more are all something you can let someone else worry about.